My Korea Trip – Day 1 –


– Day 1 


Arriving at Incheon International Airport (ICN)  40 min ahead of the schedule at around 9.20 am. I, then, took the Airport Railroad Express (AREX) to meet my friend at Hongdae station. She is one of my best friends. We met in 2013 through an exchange program I mentioned earlier (ALFP2013/2014).

This reunion brought me much joy and excitement. We struggled our way out to the exit no. 7, trying to find our way to the house. Did I mention we are staying at Airbnb for the rest of our trip?  YEP! We were trying out Airbnb for the first time.  A few minute after finding our way around the area, we found our house.

It was on the 3rd floor of the apartment, located in the heart of Hongdae area, a small yet clean and cozy room. Look exactly like the pictures on the website *what a relieve* Our host, Karis, was kind enough to let us leave our luggage there before the check in time.

We left the room with our growling stomachs. Heading to the area we used to stay when we visit Seoul: exit no. 3. We walked through the newly renovated park and straight to the restaurant as we planned.

What else could be the best choice for my welcoming lunch
to Korea other than a THAI FOOD?

Yep, Thai food it is. I came all the way from a land of Pad Thai, to have another Pad Thai here. As silly as it might sound, this restaurant is special to me. TUK TUK Noodle Thai (툭툭누들타이)  was one of my favorite Thai restaurants while I was in Korea plus my dear friend was craving for some Thai food for a long time. So why not have it here!

We were lucky enough to get a seat after waiting in a queue for a few minute.  We ordered some Tom Kha Kai, Tod Mun Koong, and of course, THE Pad Thai.


The food was great as always. I must say that this 
Tom Kha Kai was by far one of the best Tom Kha I’ve ever had in a long time. The coconut milk made it so smooth and creamy, and a little tangy from the fresh lime juice definitely brighten up the dish.

After a pleasant lunch, we walked around the area. As soon as I spotted a convenient store: GS25, I walked right into it knowing exactly what I would get; my favorite drink of all time!  There is something about the peach iced tea that always ALWAYS freshened me up.
The sweet peachy smell and a sweet and sour taste brought back my sweet memories of Korea. SWEET SWEET SWEET! 

Because it was too far for us to walk back to the station with a full stomach. We took a bus back to Hongdae station instead. When we got to the room, Karis, the host, was being so generous to us. That’s how we got our sweet milkshake ice cream for our dessert!



The weather was so pretty we couldn’t waste it by sitting back in the room. We headed out again, finding some cool place to enjoy our evening. Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP)
was the exact place we’re looking for. It was an art exhibition hall, full of designer shops, and the architectural structures were superb!  
We had a great time enjoy the cooling evening breeze there and took lots of pictures.


Thanks to my model friend for this collection

The Korean culture of the couple was still very strong since last time I was here. I must admit that these couples were making me envy a little though. LOL

P1050342Can you feel the love in the air?

After exploring the place and got ourselves little gifts. We went to the meet my friend’s colleagues. I made new friends with 3 other Thai girls who happened to be traveling to Seoul too. We went to the night market at the famous Cheonggyechoen Stream (청계천). It was already dark and a bit cold, we were so hungry and craving for some authentic Korean fried chicken. And there we were! Sitting in front of giant plates of Soya Sauce Garlic Fried Chicken and  Spicy Fried Chicken with some Korean beers.


What a perfect dinner to end the night! 

After saying goodbye to new friends, my bestie and I headed back to our room. Korean spring was much colder than I thought it would be. It was around 15 degrees Celcius that night and I only had one layer of the blouse on. I was looking forward to getting a nice warm shower and rest my exhausted bones on a cozy bed.


T H E   L U C K   W A S   N O T   O N   M Y   S I D E

I walked all the way back to our room just to find out that the hot water is not working! 
Turned out that the guest in the other room had turned off the boiler and he was not back yet. Karis tried to help us, but she couldn’t contact the guy. So what did I do?

As if I have any choices! Of course, I took a cold shower on a cold cold night!  I would never forget that night. The water was so cold I could barely feel my face. I hurried my way out the toilet and before my friend took her turn, guess who came back. 

Yeah.. you’re right   *sighs*

I did tell him I enjoy the cold shower and recommended him to try it out though!
Was I being a bit too sarcastic? Well, I don’t think so HA HA HA HA



All in all, it was such an amazing day.
A great start for my trip back to this country.
A sunny day with cooling breeze never let me down.
I hoped the weather stay like this for the rest of my trip. 

*except for the cold water part though*

t o   b e   c o n t i n u e d . . . . . .



My Korea Trip – THE INTRO –

Whoo! This is actually kinda exciting. Writing my first time ever blog. YAY!
Before we go anywhere, let me briefly introduce myself.
I’m Puii. Born and raised in the charming city of Thailand, Chiang Mai.
I’m turning 25 this December! Can’t wait to get older *roll eyes*

Last couple weeks, I went all the way to South Korea.
Visiting my beloved friend in Seoul for almost a week,
I took loads of pretty pictures. Here, I will be sharing with you My Korea Trip,

(despite my broken English).

I have to say that this trip was actually my first time traveling alone to a foreign country
(for traveling purpose though).  


Well, after I resigned from my job in Bangkok, I  knew that
I want to spend my saving to recharge myself and to gain back my energy.
It was a rough year for me to be honest, not to mention rejects from couple scholarships or
a severe break-up. Not only my heart that needed to be mended,
my broken soul needed help as well. Hence, I told myself  I need to travel.

Unsurprisingly, Korea was the first country that popped up in my head.

So there I was, lying on my back looking for a cheap ticket online and yes! I managed to find the budget one. Thanks to the app I never thought I would depend on it this much: Traveloka. 


Hmmm, perhaps missing the vibes and atmosphere of the country could be the best answer.
Back in 2013, I got a chance to become one of the lucky 20 ASEAN uni students who got a fully-funded scholarship (AFLP2013/2014) to study in Korea. In Daejeon University to be exact. 
YEP you heard me right, fully-funded. Free air tickets, accommodation, tuition fee, basic health insurance and of course, the allowance. I can fully say that it was one of the best moments in my entire life. Meeting new friends, who eventually become my best friends, gaining new knowledge about ASEAN, experience the new cultures,  and basically surviving on our own. 

10 months of my good old memories of Korea still lingering in the corner of my heart. Therefore, I decided to visit the country one more time.
But this time, I will only be traveling in Seoul from 21-25 May 2017. 

Lucky for me, my best friend was already in Korea, continuing her master. So this trip is going to be only my friend and me. We were looking for cute little hostels in Seoul for months before the travel! Searching on Agoda, Booking, and several websites for the most convenient, the cutest, and the cheapest one.
We got severals on our list months before the actual trip.


a week before traveling, we ended up canceled what we have booked. Our last choice was Airbnb. My friend found a reasonable price room in the heart of the most popular area for the hipster: HONGDAE. It was the best choice for us: close to the station, inexpensive, and clean. We immediately booked the room and crossed our fingers!

This is what our room look like!

(Photos from

I was hoping that my journey to Korea this time would change me somehow.
I knew that I didn’t want a crazy shopping trip or a ‘fast and furious‘ one.
I just need to be chilled and rest in a different environment.
Talk to my bestie about our lives, walk around at a slow pace, visit some new places,
eat some good food, or maybe drink a little.
That’s all I want from this trip.

So there I was, standing in front of the gate waiting to board in the middle of the night, packed and ready to wake up in the country of Kimchi!

t o   b e   c o n t i n u e d . . . . . .

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